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Mario – a game for generations

Many of us have developed a passion for it and some of us never gave up playing it. Mario is the game that attracted us for many years and it is still challenging us to play another round again and again. Though we’re adults, the games will always remain the best way of having fun whenever you have some spare time and no plans to get out.

Why we love Mario

Mario is our best friend when we’re waiting in the bus station or we are at the bank waiting for an agent to receive us. It seems like the time is flying and that is because we do something that we really enjoy. The game has been improved over years as the society has changed and the competition has become stronger, but even in these conditions, Mario managed to remain our first choice when it comes to playing. Moreover, the new versions are even more attractive and proved to be very successful in a short period.

All Mario versions are great but the best version it is believed to be Super Mario World which is actually an important upgrade for this game. What is really appealing about this game is that both beginners and advanced can play it as it is created on different levels. In this version you can play with Mario- mechanic but you will also deal with dinosaurs or diagonal pipes that are part of the story. The challenge is quite complex so it will allow you to test your limits.

Overall, Mario turns out to be lasting for more than 3 decades in the top of our preferences. Our childhood has been more cheerful with Mario and our adulthood more interesting as it is hard to get bored when you have your favorite Mario game available on your phone or PC.